The Super Mushroom is a power-up from the Mario series of video games. It is, traditionally, about the size of
"regular" Mario, and has a white stalk below a red and white spotted cap. In the begining, it was shaped after a common mushroom, but since Super Mario Bros. 2 it gained a more cartoon like shape, with an almost-spheric cap with a stubby stalk.

The Mushroom is the basic power-up in the Mario series, and is also the most popular and the most seen. Winning three consecutive Mushroom cards from the slot-machine goal boxes at the end of each level in Super Mario Bros. 3 will earn the playing user two extra lives, winning three consecutive Fire Flower cards earns the player three extra lives In Mario Kart games, the first (and the easiest) tracks belong to the Mushroom Cup. 

Super Mario Bros. seriesEdit

It first appeared in Super Mario Bros. (a convention carried over from Mario Bros., where bumping platforms was the main form of attack). Upon emerging, it then begins to slide to the right (this was changed for Super Mario Bros. 3, where, depending on what side of the block was hit, then the mushroom would head toward the opposite side.) If the player touches it, "regular" Mario becomes Super Mario: He doubles in size and is able to take an extra hit. The Super Mario can break bricks, whereas "regular" Mario can't. The Super Mushroom still makes a return to the New Super Mario Bros . games, having the same powers as the previous games.