New Super Luigi U is the fifth installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series. It has the same world map as in
335px-Super Luigi U Cover
New Super Mario Bros. U, but it has different levels. The game is dedicated to Luigi , who is the main character in the game. Nabbit is involved as a playable character in multiplayer. Powerups don't affect him, but can be turned into 1-Ups when he reaches the flag pole. Nabbit is immortal to enemies.




  • There are pictures of Luigi hidden in the stages of the game. (refrences to year or Luigi)
  • You can play as Nabbit in single player by holding the ZL trigger in the GamePad, or the B button on the Wii Remote.
  • This game was also released in a bundle, packaged with New Super Mario Bros. U , and a black Wii U.