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This is a list of beta elements for New Super Mario Bros..

Early IdeasEdit

The game was referred to as Super Mario Bros. DS in early footage.

Early buildsEdit

300px-NSMB BetaElements BlueShell

Early concept for obtaining the Blue Shell.

During early stages of production, Mega Goombas were going to be a generic species (the result of a Goomba colliding with a Super Mushroom and powering up), rather than an individual boss. There was also supposed to be a Mario and Luigi co-op mode at one time, which is now available in the direct sequel of the game. An illustration of early map icons still exists as a screenshot on page twelve of the final game's manual. There were originally three item reserve spots rather than one. There also was an underwater stage which also featured Manta Ray in VS. Mode. Spindrift was also supposed to be in the game, but got replaced by the blue spinning platforms in World 1-3 and other levels.

As seen in an image, it was possible to obtain the Blue Shell by first defeating a Blue Koopa Troopa. Then when the player Ground Pounded on the shell, the player got in the shell and became Shell Mario. The idea was removed from the Story Mode in the final game, but it survives in vs. Mode, although the player no longer had to Ground Pound the shell. The advertisement showing the vs. mode revealed some levels that were not available on the final release, including a desert stage, an underwater stage and a few others. The Mega Mushroom was originally just a Super Mushroom from Super Mario 64 DS. Later, it was red with white spots instead of yellow with red spots.

During the near-final state when screens were shown in Nintendo Power, there were some very slight differences in level design, etc. A screenshot at this stage suggests that World 3-B, a sky level, was originally intended to be a desert level. The coin sprites were different and the music wasn't at its final state (the vocals "ba-baa" were originally an orchestra-like "hit" similar to one made by a MIDI keyboard). The Desert overworld was shown in a video from E3 2006 (before the other songs were known), and the main song was completed but did not have vocals; therefore, the enemies did not dance. Additionally, the game did not pause as Mario transformed after obtaining a powerup. In addition, the theme that was used in the beta was slower than in the final. It was possible to kick and punch in the game, but it was removed because of the way Mega Mario moves in the game. Mario was also meant to sideflip. Mega Mario was also able to run, and was given a point counter.